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    Ok so for my products and products page (Link ) I thought I was going to be using variable products/attributes setup but due to the lack of customizing ability I purchased the woo products add-ons plugin which gives me more flexability..and with that I think I need to revert to simple products and i can use the plug ins as necessary to add incrememntal price increases as necessary..

    ok so far no problem.

    However, when I change to simple product type (in this example look for Chrysanthemum in the shop page..third one down left side, thats simple type, rest are variable for now) the more details or select options button has reverted to add to cart..

    I need a way to still have the button “show more details” or whatever the verbiage just so it gets me into the single product page, like the other products do that are configured as variable. Add to cart doesn’t allow the users to select options which is critical.

    The reason I wanted to go to simple is that the variable dropdown thats part of woo commerce has a different style look and feel and looks funky when I combine it with the product addons addon.

    To paraphrase – need way to use simple products but have the add to cart button from the shop page be the more details button/function that takes the place of the add to cart button that it part of the simple products setup.

    OR and I just thought of this, i could have the variable table set with a display none…but the add to cart button does not show up within the single product page unless a dropdown is would need the cool ajax add to cart button function disbaled and just have the button always appear..

    thx! look forward to hearing what approach is best.


    update –

    all products have been implemented with products add-ons plugin

    all products are still variable, however prior attributes have been removed.

    at this point is there a way to have the add to cart button that usually gets triggered by a variation select just be visable by default? as you can see when you go to an individual product there’s no way to add to cart or invoke add to cart.




    There is an option in the “Variations” tab to select “Default variation selections:”, select any variation that you have. The “Add to cart” and “Price” will show instantly.

    Hope this helps. :)




    but i dont have variations at the moment..and dont want any to show up as its gonna look weird with my current set up with the plugin. again, reason im not using simple products is that simple just gives me add to cart button from shop page, not select options, which i need to take me to the individual product pages from hovering over a product in the shop page..

    could i add one and then use display none with your comment above?


    default variation + custom css of display none did the trick! thread can be closed..ty!


    Ok, all is well, however the variation i created and applied with display none for the single product pages (to force the add to cart button to appear upon single page loading) is showing up in the cart and further order pages.

    Please go to

    choose any product via the “select options hover”

    choose a bead size (first drop down)

    add to cart

    click view cart in green notice box

    “Selected:Options” is the invisable variation from the single product pages that forces the add to cart button..

    ive tried all methods to get it to display none through firebug and similar tools and cant find it..

    note, it cant just be a p.label genneric css edit – that will make the other dropdown options not show up..need a way to specifically not make “Selected:Options” show up..

    is this possible?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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