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    I’ve tried going through literally all the relevant posts, but still can’t get the size of my slide images working well. I tried the option of changing a line in functions.php but I couldn’t even find the suggested line. Please help me….(Propulsion theme)




    What is the problem with the height of your slides? What do you want to do with them?




    I´d like my my slide-images to have that wonderful format that the default slide-images have: despite the changes I’ve made in functions.php, the images I’ve added to my slideshow are enlarged on my frontpage, bringing the page in total disproportion. You could see what I mean at



    It looks to me that you did not resize your image properly BEFORE you uploaded it. You need to use your graphic software to edit to the required image size.

    These are the default sizes for the theme:

    Full size slider : 930 x 340

    Adjustable slider : 290 x 216

    Portfolio items and product category thumbnails : 450 x 335

    Preview pics : 36 x 36

    Good luck.



    Thanks elames for helping us out :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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