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    I’ve got a problem with the Internet Explorer and some featured images. There a little white dots on the image. In Firefox everything is ok. Look here: http://www.team-porzellanhandel24.de/category/portfolio/martin-mayer/ (in the middle, direktly over the body of the biker

    How can I fix it?




    Any idea, what the problem is?



    your website seems to be down. Can you reactivate it for a few hours?


    Hey Dude,

    sorry for that. we have made an announcement, that the page will be launched tomorrow 12 oclock. so bevor that i can’t open it.

    what can I do, make a screenshot or something?


    The white dots which appear under your slider are generated by custom.js. They’re part of the aviaslider (slider controls). The strange thing is that they appear in IE but not in Firefox. So there’s a CSS problem. You can try to add following to style.css (at the bottom):



    Hm, I dont’t know if there is a misunderstood. There are an the pictures, on different places, little white pixel. look like pxielfailures. do mean this too? I don’t mean the sildercontrol-points under the image.


    Hey Dude,

    I made a html site with a screenshot, so I can show you what i mean. Please look here: http://www.team-porzellanhandel24.de/conflict.htm



    ok that’s really strange, maybe a ghost experience :) –

    did you try to reupload the image? Maybe WPs image processing engine messed something up.


    So, the site is now online and you can check this problem live.

    here is another picture with this white pixels: http://www.team-porzellanhandel24.de/category/portfolio/lexan-sus/

    choose the second picture. always on the black parts aof the pictuere. in this case on the girl left and on the boy right (on his shoulders).

    here you can see a strange case: http://www.team-porzellanhandel24.de/category/portfolio/matthias-anders/

    choose the second picture. in the dark parts of his helmet there a the white pixel. but not by start. they appear just a moment after the picture-description is loaded.

    so the pixels seem not to be in the image. if you turn of java, they don’t appear.

    in firefox everthing is ok.

    how can I fix it?



    you’re right – it seems to be a display error. I don’t know why IE is behaving this way. I tested your page with IE6 and IE7 and they also show white dots. Did you try to use the original theme files? I mean maybe this display error is caused by some css changes. The dots don’t appear on the demo site (or I just didn’t recognize them).


    Hey Dude,

    I recognized this pixel-failure also in the demo. look hiere at my screenshots, I marked it there


    I don’t know, how to fix it



    mmmmm…. interesting phenomenon. I’ll report it to Kriesi. I don’t know what’s going on here.


    I’ve read that this is a bug in explorer, where very dark parts of an image have transparent pixels end up showing the background. The solution is supposedly to set your background behind the image to black, so that the white spots will go away. But I’m unsure where to do this for the slider. Hopefully someone can figure it out.


    Interesting theory…the only problem i see is that porzellan and Kriesi use jpgs as images not pngs, gifs, etc. so there are no transparent pixels/no alpha channel….


    I have the same Problem. There are white Dots at the darkest Parts of a Image. You can check this at the 1st and 2nd Image of the Mainslider at http://www.outdoor-inn.de

    I Used JPEG Format with the native Resolution 910×390 Pixel.

    Affected is only the InternetExplorer. Do you have some new Infos about the Problem?

    Kind Regards


    Aditional Info:

    if you open the Image URL directly with the InternetExplorer the Problem ist NOT visible.

    The white Dots only appear in the Slider. My used Theme is ‘Cleancut’



    The problem is caused by IEs opacity filter. I reported it to Kriesi and it should be fixed in the next update (will be released this or next week)


    Any way we can be notified when this fix becomes available?


    Kriesi promised to release some theme updates this week – you can use the rss feed to follow the forum discussion…


    After Installing the Update (Cleancut 1.2) everything is fine.

    Thanks Dude, thanks Kriesi!



    My pleasure :)

    Best regards,



    Sorry, where do I download the fix? I’m not using CleanCut wordpress plugin, I’m using the purchased AviaSlider jquery plugin.



    I’m not sure if Avia Slider got an update as well, I’ll ask Kriesi to comment.




    The stanalone version of the slider will recieve an update this week once I have checke ie9 compatibility :)



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