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    I realize you have a huge job to keep up with everthing, but I first reported the problem with IE 9 on this forum 3 months ago. I am up to 20% of visitors using IE9 and they can’t see my key graphics on the two main landing pages. I have been an advocate for your templates up until now. Am I going to be forced to abandon ship and start over? My website is

    I will pay for an upgrade that works if that is what it takes.

    I can send my code if you think I did something, but several people have reported this problem.

    The wordpress version had the same problem and the upgrade fixed it.

    Please HELP !!


    I marked this thread for Kriesi – he can fix the issue for all users. He currently doesn’t answer my mails and I assume that he will finish his new theme soon – afterwards he’ll fix the IE9 slider issue.


    Do you intent to solve this?



    another interesting fact than may or may not help with a solution! s As suggested, I am currently running explorer 7 compatibility mode on the funsunmexico main page. Sometimes when I go to the site the slider works and if I go to another page and come back…… it doesn’t work. wow.


    We definitely need an answer here! Are you working on this problem or we have to search for another solution?


    Hi All,

    I’ve not gotten an update on this yet and I don’t think Dude has either. I really do apologize for not having a fix for you and I appreciate your extreme patience Wesmands in first reporting the issue and continually checking up on it.




    Hey Devin,

    Any updates on our issue? Any estimates?

    Thank you in advance,




    ETA for theme update: next week :)




    It is next week, my friend. This rotten IE9 is a higher percentage of my customers every week!


    Hi wesmands,

    The approval process for themeforest can take a day to a few days so I imagine it will be available shortly. You can keep an eye on Kriesi’s twitter as he usually posts updates/release there:!/Kriesi/




    another month has passed and 20% of my visitors still can’t see the slider. :-(


    Hi wesmands,

    Again, our apologies for not having a fix for you. I’ll re-tag Kriesi to this thread.




    Ok my friends, I have to do something. If we don’t have a fix by August 15, I will have to remove the slider and start moving toward another theme. But I really don’t think this is good for business to have people forced to change themes due to lack of support. I certainly wouldn’t be able to recommend Kreisi themes in the future, even though they have the coolest features.



    Hey John,

    I’m not quite sure what is causing the issue on your site alone. So far, this is the only one I’m seeing the same issue continually arise with.

    One thing I’ve just noticed is that if you remove the IE7 emulation the slideshow works fine in IE9 and there doesn’t seem to be any issues. Though this does cause additional problems as additional features rely on the emulation to work properly in IE.

    It may also be that Kriesi has not updated the HTML version but only the WordPress but I can’t say for sure. I’ve just sent him an email to have him re-look this topic and hopefully and he can figure out once and for all what the issue is.




    yes I realize this is a flaky problem. and yes, i am running the wordpress theme at and it works fine with the update. When I take off the emulation code, it will sometimes work and if I go to a different page and come back it stops working.

    Is there some code I can use to identify the evil IE 9 and load only the first slider image as static.??


    Hi John,

    I just noticed in responding to another topic on this that the CleanCut HTML theme is actually listed as not having support for IE9 on the Themeforest page and it also doesn’t show as working on the demo site so I think this might be the underlying issue that I just did not pick up until now.

    I’ve sent an email to Kriesi asking if he plans to update the HTML version to support IE9 and when that might happen if so.




    Thank you!

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