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    I am using IE 9 and the image rotator doesn’t seem to work correctly. When I get to the site no images appear on the slider and the loading images starts as of some things happening. If I refresh the page a few times, it seems to work until I leave the home page and return but then it breaks again. Please advise.

    Many thanks


    Can you post a link to your website please? I’ll report this problem to Kriesi…


    i’m having the same problem with IE9. Chrome, Safari en Firefox works okay but IE9 after update doest work.

    Please advice,



    Here’s the link :



    I know that Kriesi is working on an update for IE9 compatibility for the Avia Slider.

    Your site is down at the moment so I can’t check which slider you’re using but look out for an update shortly.



    Strange, the site seems to be working fine for me.


    Running into the same problem. Also, the headlines don’t show up unless I switch to ‘Compatibility View’ in IE9.


    I just applied the update released today and my issues are fixed in IE9. Thank you!


    Glad that the update solved your problem :)


    Is it possible to tell which files need to be updated, there is no date or file description in the changelog. Would cost me a lot of work to figure out and. There are many changes i submitted to the code so will appreciate the information.




    a version.rtf (changelog) is included in the themeforest download package. It tells you which files were updated and which changes were made :)


    Thanks for the quick reply, that did the job :) Maybe a tip to ad the date of change, for example: version 1.0.4 released 03-17-11


    We’ll consider it for upcoming updates. Thanks for the suggestion :)


    How can I get the update? Would love to fix our home page asap.

    Thanks so much,


    p.s. I love the slider! Just didn’t realize it wasn’t working in IE9. :(



    you can download it at Login and go to the “Downloads” section. There you can download the theme files.


    Has the version been updated in codecanyon? I purchased in codecanyon and it looks like maybe it’s still the older version? In any case, my slider is not working in ie9.

    Nevermind! Sorry! I thought I had compared versions, but somehow I didn’t. Uploaded new version and it’s working fine in ie9 now.


Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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