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    I thought I’d download IE 9 beta for a laugh today so I could see how it rendered the Avisio theme. There were a few rendering issues (that i’m sure you already know about) including: missing footer headlines, corrupted big button (‘our latest work’ on your demo) on home page, plus ‘flexibly frontpage’ title (part of ‘Why Avisio’) wrongly positioned.

    OK, I can understand that it’s IE 9 beta so therefore these issues may be sorted in the final release but, when I try developer tools and insist on rendering like IE 7 I still get issues with both IE 8 and IE 9 browsers. It’s all good in IE 8 but it needs to be good in at least IE 7 and hopefully IE 9. HELP! Is there a work-round?

    Thanks loads



    IE9 has problems with the old cufon version. You can download an updated version here: – just replace the old cufon code (located in cufon.js) with the new updated one from here:

    IE7 renders Avisio fine – just download IETester and try it out yourself. I don’t know why “IE Developer tools” shows errors (although I’ve never tested to render Avisio with Developer tools in IE7 mode because why should anyone do this?) but if you test Avisio with IE7 on XP or with IETester everything works fine…


    You are a genius! Thanks – that did the trick in IE 9. I’ll take your word for it re IE7. I tried it with Microsoft Expression in IE 6 and had the same issue with just the first title in the ‘Why Avisio’ page. Weird.

    Anyway, really grateful to you for getting back to me so quickly and with a solution.

    Thanks loads


    Glad that I could help you – I’ll do some testing with IE7 if I can encounter any further problems…


    Thanks loads. Appreciate it hugely.

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