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    I was just browsing this forum and found this site…

    He is using the same theme I am but his site is wider than mine…

    How can I fix this as the sidebars are too narrow to fit standard widgets? As shown on this page…

    My second question is that his fonts are a tad bigger as well. Where do I go to change the font sizes?

    Thank you,



    Hi Ryan,

    That site’s main container is identical in width to the theme default width and yours too; all are set at 980px wide in style.css, line 66 (the same with the sidebars as all are the same).

    In order to change the container sizes, you would need to adjust quite a bit of the css for the content area and potentially modify a lot of the shortcode css, layout css and individual browser fixes.

    I would suggest just changing the widget width for widgets that are too wide for the current sidebars. Otherwise, you could look into a freelance developer who could go through and make the width changes to the theme’s custom.css file for you.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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