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    I need some spaces between text and tags plus text and author on my posts, and then I need Bemærkninger (Comments in English) to be changed to bemærkninger (comments).

    Have tried to change stuff in the propulsion/lang/da_DK.po but without luck.

    Maybe a direct change/translation in the files would be better…..but which files to change, I do not know.

    Please help :)


    Probably the easiest solution would be to add the space to the text strings (located in da_DK.po). You can edit the file with Poedit. Search for the string “af” and replace it with “af “, etc. Afterwards save the translation and insert your da_DK.po AND into the propulsion/lang/ folder.


    Hey Dude!

    I have tried it several times both yesterday and today, but without any luck.

    I have even tried to add more letters just in order to get a respons from the theme, but no.

    Some how the tags and author is stuck.

    It looks fine when using the English language on another website where I have just installed the theme.

    Spending $60 on a theme with language control should be easier to install and setup.



    It seems to work for me now – please clear your browser cache. Instead of “afforsikringsdebattør” it displays: “af forsikringsdebattør”, etc.




    I give UP!!

    I have cleared the cache several times, changed the language files several times, and nothing happens – very strange!

    It is like there is no connection between the danish mo.+po. in /lang and the website. The wp-config-file is okay.

    Should I try to remove all language files, except from english?

    Otherwise I will hardcode the file includes/format-standard.php.


    There has to be something wrong….. just tried to change “Send os en e-Mail” on the contact page (Kontakt os).

    Basically I am trying to make the M in e-Mail to a m as in e-mail.

    And I did this in the language file:

    #: ../includes/contact-form.php:10

    msgid “Send us mail”

    msgstr “Send os en e-mail”

    Still without any luck! :( :(


    Did you recompile the mo file? WordPress will ignore the po file but it just uses the compiled version (.mo file) for the translation. Thus you always need to edit the po files with tools like Poedit – these tools will also compile the po file for you and you can simply upload both files into the lang folder.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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