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    HELP PLEASE ………..


    1. How do I create a password protected area – I have reviewed the documentation and the theme and I can’t find anything that shows me or allows me to do this.

    2. On the theme demo, under portoflio it shows Portfolio 2 columns and Portfolio 3 columns giving details of the different portfolio options available in the theme. In the Imported Dummy Data, I only got details for Masonry Portfolio Example & This is a portfolio entry but nothing else – can you redirect me to a post that allows me to learn how to set up all the different options that you showed on the demo please.

    3. Where is the shop template? I did not get in in Dummy Data import either – Portfolio options, password protected, shop template – these are the reasons why I bought your template.

    4. When I click the picture in Photography (for example) it takes me to a new page with a comment/post area . Where do I control the behaviour of this page? Can I disable it? Where do I add the background image – I would like it to be the same as the highlighted picture? How can I get rid of HTML tags and attributes (looks ugly)? I want to be able to have the choice of when I want to use this function or when I want it disabled.

    Look forward to hearing from you – thanks.



    Hi Didier,

    Sorry for missing your previous posts. Each time you “bumped” it with another response it actually pushes the question further back in our Queue which means it takes longer to respond.

    For your first question, this is part of wordpress (separate from the theme). See:

    2. Each of the different portfolio displays are handled by the Gallery Layout dropdown underneath where you upload images. This is how you get the individual portfolio galleries to display as flexible, image list etc. The actual portfolio layouts (that display the portfolio item links) are controled by Theme Options>Portfolio where you can select a page to display different categories with column choices, post count excerpt and pagination.

    3. The Shop is handled by WooCommerce. You should have received a notification upon activation to install the plugin. If not, you can download the zip for it here: Then upload it and install through your WordPress Plugins interface.

    4. In that example, you are linking directly to the picture which doesn’t have any kind of theme customization. If you wanted them to open up in a lightbox however, you can add the word “lightbox” to the CSS Class in the individual images Advanced Link Settings. You’ll just click on the image icon, then “Advanced Settings” tab and you’ll see the Adanced Link settings at the bottom of the popup.




    Hey Devin

    Thank you for responding – I can now move forward. I am new to WP so my thanks for your patience. I also understand how your support system works.

    If I have any other questions – I will add a new post.




    Hi Devin

    On the password protected area – I was talking about a password protected gallery for clients to vbiew their pictures privately. Is it from the same wordpress function or is it specific to the theme template?




    You can set a password by using the settings under the “Publish”/”Update” button. Set the post to “Private” or password protected.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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