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    Ok the title doesn’t explain much but, I use a plugin for background music which i can load just about anywhere but the annoying thing is that the music played in that flash plugin restarts from the beginning whenever a new page is loaded (as the plugin resides in the footer widget area right now).

    My question is can i make that plugin not load every time i load a new page? Is there any position in the header or footer where i can put that and it will never be reloaded so the music can play without restarting?

    The dev of the plugin is trying to get a flash cookie in it so it remembers where it was and starts from there when a new page is loaded but it’s taking forever for him to do that so I’m just wondering if it’s possible.

    I did try some plugins like ajaxify or something like that but couldn’t make it work.

    Thanks for any help :)



    This is not easily possible because the theme doesn’t use ajax to load the content but it loads the entire html document instead. I think the cookie solution is a better/simpler solution compared to the ajax solution (propably this will cause some troubles with woocommerce too). Maybe this article (especially the last post) will help your developer a bit: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -the-background-across-pages


    Thanks for the reply Dude, I’ll link him that discussion and I guess I’ll have to work with him to finish that.

    Anyway for other other people interested in this kind of request there is an interesting solution (basically loads the website in a frame) and it’s called n3rdskwat-mp3player plugin for wordpress if you preffer you can work with it.

    By the way, I’m happy with the reply so you can go ahead and close this thread, thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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