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    Hi, I don’t know why, but the sidebar is lost. Please see the disaster here:


    I found out: If you select one page as a page as an standard-blog-site, you have no sidebar.

    Okay, the solution is easy: don’t say to wp, that the page XYZ is the blog-page and use the shortcode “latest posts”. It sounds good, but in this case, the fonts are in the mini-style.

    The same problem is in the Shop. The selected page for the shop don’t like sidebars.

    Yesterday: It runs without any mistakes and I don’t know, what I did. What a mystic case!


    Hi there!

    Two options are needed:

    – At the site: Option “Do you want to display a sidebar?” must be set to “Yes display right sidebar.”

    – At “Flashlight”, “Sidebar”: “Select a PAGE that should receive a new widget area:” – select your site.


    thx, but I did both. before I selected a fix page for the blog, the sidebar is shown.


    ps i speak of the right side, if the right side is opposite of the navi-bar.


    JUCHUU … the left sidebar is already ok, but if you want a fix blog-page with a sidebar on the right side, you will have a problem. I tried today more hours to solve it. On the end, the solution is not in the option on the page!

    If you want a sidebar on the right side on a preselected blog-page, you have to input the widgets into sidebar -Displayed Everywhere Right Sidebar-. After this, you have to select in the first blog-article the option -Yes display right sidebar-.

    In my opinion, that is not the right process, because the option must be switched on the page and not in the article. But on the other hand, it works and I hope for an update with a bug fix.

    Now is the question, how I do this in the shop?


    Hi kunststoffat,

    I’m not quite sure what it is you are having an issue with. When I set the sidebar option to “Yes display right sidebar”, I get a right hand sidebar on all the pages that can accept it, including the Shop and product pages.

    Make sure that you are using the most recent version of the theme, WooCommerce and don’t have any plugins running that could be causing a conflict.


    Here you see the mistake

    The sidebar on the blog-Feed didnt run, if you definite a static page as a blog-page.

    The sidebar for the shop didn’t run.

    I have the latest Version.


    In your Sidebar options, set the top dropdown to Display right sidebar by default.


    in this case

    – i see the standard sidebar in the shop, but i created a sidebar-option for this page. this sidebar contains only checkout ect., not all pages ect.

    – i didnt see any sidebar on the selected page for the news (only if the first article will be with sidebar, but it looks bad conceding the frame with the date

    you can see it


    You’ll need to remove the pages and other widgets from the Display Everwhere widget holder, then place the ones you want in the Shop sidebar only.


    I had the same idea, but it wasn’t the solution

    The problem is only, if you preselect a page in the WordPress-Option – in this case the Page for the Blog-Articles is Page #1234.


    I am having the same issue with my shop area that kunststoffat is having.

    The shop should have a side bar. I have activated it in the Flashlight Admin area and selected add right side bar in the Pages’s admin area.

    Any help greatly appreciated.


    I also tried adding right side bar by default. The Shop then displayed a side bar with a list of site pages but none of the Shop specific widgets where were set in the Shop’s unique widget area.


    It looks like the Shop designation from WooCommerce overrides the normal set of sidebar page options except those that are in Display Everywhere and Display on all right sidebar.

    I’ll send the issue to Kriesi to see if its something we can get a fix for.


    Its not a problem with the shop – its a problem of the preselected page. Please see my screenshots.


    I might have mis-explained myself. Its that the WooCommerce “Shop” designation of a page takes seems to priority over some of the theme options.


    Hey Guys!

    Just a notice on the problem: the next update will implement a better much simpler sidebar logic that should hopefully fix all problems with sidebars widgets displaying, not displaying or displaying at the wrong position :)

    I will close this thread for now, if you encounter any problems with the next version (1.6) please just open a new thread, since this one is already quite hard to follow ;D

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