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    I just updated my website. I got the ?latest from (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    I had the version 1.2.3 and now I have version 1.3

    Where is the 1.4 version?



    You can download it again. (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /233917?sso?

    The version of the theme in the link above is 1.4.




    1.3 is what shows in my wp control panel.

    Maybe it is 1.4 but shows 1.3, In style.css its written.


    Theme Name: BrightBox

    Description: A sleek Business Theme by Kriesi
    Update notifications available on twitter and facebook:
    Follow me on twitter
    Join the Facebook Group

    Version: 1.3

    Author: Kriesi

    Author URI:



    Hi flowidity,

    If you have downloaded it on the site I’ve posted then you are already using version 1.4. Kindly check the version_brightbox.rtf inside the zip file, if you can find 1.4 then you’re using the latest version. I’ll tag Kriesi so he’ll be notified about the version number. :)





    I have updated too. The ‘version_brightbox.rtf’ states it is version 1.4 but the style.css file within the brightox zip file within the main zip states 1.3

    Also there is no size difference between the older 1.3 I ran on my site and the newer one.

    Please can admin check that the style.css is updated in the zip file on themeforest.

    Thank you,




    Yes, Kriesi forgot to update the version number in style.css. If the change log (version_brightbox.rtf) contains the changes for “Version 1.4 ” you’re using the latest version.

    Best regards,



    Thank you for the reponse.

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