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    Hi, Trying to change the word Testimonials on the home page to : Why Phil?

    Can you please tell me where to locate that so I can make the change?


    I have 4 “Why Phil” posts included already which I am quite sure I used the Testimonial feature to do – but even though it is showing on the site, I cannot find where it is posted…

    it is not under testimonials (even though its showing there)

    it is not under posts

    or portfollio or pages….

    I can’t find it anywhere.and yet clearly I have added it …with photos…it’s there! see

    THANK YOU for you kindness.



    You can change the Testimonials text on the homepage by modifying the text in index.php (line 116):


    Are the “Why Phil” posts in a category or tagged? I can’t find this on the site, either through navigation or search ( so unless you can find them in WP Admin (remember to also check the Trash just in case) I’d guess they’ve been deleted.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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