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    Hey guys! A quick question to see if this is possible :) I would like to have my entire portfolio on one page, non-paginated portfolio but with a few categories. Then I want to have a few links on my home page that link to those sorted categories. So I guess the link would call the portfolio page and then execute the sort category function.





    Hi Andre,

    Try to use a template builder, create a new template and add a portfolio element. Then set the portfolio post number, same with the total number of your images and select the specific category. I don’t think we have the option to display all portfolio items so, the instruction above is an alternative solution. To make the instructions above clearer, try to check this demo: Abundance Theme Demo 6: Building improved layouts with the template builder, in this link: Hope this helps. :)




    Sorry Ismael I may have not expressed myself correctly. I am aware of what you would like to have me do with the template builder, but I want something different.

    I want to create a link that when you click it, it brings you to a portfolio page that can sort multiple categories (Angular can do this by ctr-clicking the all the categories) BUT I want the user to land on a PRE-sorted category (specified by this link I need your help with). So this link I need to create would have to be equipped with a function that when you click it brings you to the portfolio page and sorts the categories to one specific category, while loading all other categories selected as well (but hiding them with the sorting feature).

    The goal is to bring the user to a pre-sorted portfolio page (sorted to 1 category out of 4 on the page, let’s say) so that the user could then sort through the other categories without leaving the page.

    What you proposed forces 1. the separation of portfolio categories on different pages and 2. the user to switch pages for different categories… so it’s not at all optimal for my needs.

    I hope I have explained myself better this time, let me know if you want me to clear anything up. Even though I don’t think you have a theme option for this, I am positive that this is possible. Could you please ask one of your team mates to make sure? Thanks a lot :)




    Unfortunately Angular does not support this feature and it requires some time + custom work/code to implement it. If you need help with this task you can search for freelancers on following sites:

    in addition wpcandy offers a job directory: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -to-make-some-money/24795?page=1



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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