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    How can i get my http requests down?

    I have:

    11 external Javascript scripts. Try combining them into one.

    12 external stylesheets. Try combining them into one.

    10 external background images. Try combining them with CSS sprites.

    Obviously it tells me what i should do, but how do i do it? I tried to google it, but i still can’t get it

    Any help?




    You can use W3TC: – it offers a “minify” feature which allows you to combine and to compress css and js files.

    Best regards,



    OK. Is there any css and js files i should avoid compressing?



    Afaik you can compress all files but it’s always a trial and error game (especially if you’re also using third party plugins), I’d suggest to use the manual minify mode and to check the source code – it tells you the default loading order of the css/js files which helps you to sort the scripts on the minify option page.


    Thanks for the advice. I did do what you said and it does improve my overall yslow score. But, i have this “CART” issue now.

    My website is:

    Whenever i add something to the cart, view the cart and decide to take it out the cart, it would say something like your cart is empty (like it would normally do). But if i go back to my home page, it would appear that i have the same item still in my cart. But when i view my cart, its empty…I think this is a W3TC plugin issue because i did uninstall it and it work perfectly…then i reinstall in and the problem was there again.

    ANy idea on what this is?




    Try to deactivate the “page cache”. Probably this solves the issue.




    Hi Peter, i disable the page cache, and im still having this problem


    Hey Ajb,

    I’m not getting that issue when I try out your site now. When you say you are going “back” do you mean you are using the browsers back button or just hitting the back to shop button. If using the browser, it may need to have the page refreshed in order for the page content to properly reset. Using the sites navigation I’m not having any issues with the cart not updating correctly :)





    The problem is, i add a product to the cart ($14.99), view my cart, take it out of my cart (refresh) everything appears fine and nothing is in my cart. But from there if i click on the HOME link, i see the amount again ($14.99), from there i go to view my cart nothing is there. Even though nothing is in my cart, it appears to be when i click on the HOME link.


    I think i got it to work correctly now.. thanks


    Hi Ajb,

    Glad that its fixed. :)



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