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    On my page (http://www.litrotechnologies.com/litro-glow/) I am using the HR-Top shortcode and on some, not all, uses it cuts off the text of the paragraph below it. I have tried entering it manually (HTML), including it in paragraphs, nothing works.

    If you look at the code, it seems that on some paragraphs, it wraps the HR tag inside of the </p> tag?

    Also, on the contact page I had to add an invisible spacer because it was cutting off the contact form. Could both these problems be resolved by adding a z-index?





    When using shortcodes in WordPress, please ensure you are editing the post / page in HTML view (not visual) as extra HTML can sometimes cause problems like this.

    Re your contact page, the discrepancy with the spacing is likely to be a conflict between the plugin and the theme, since you have it working and spaced correctly I wouldn’t recommend tinkering. z-index shouldn’t make much difference (if any) to the placement of images / content in this scenario; which elements do you feel would need this adjustment?



    I work almost exclusively in HTML, I only use the Visual if I need to get a shortcode (that is why I prefer to have a list of the theme shortcodes vs. using a builder). I have tried using the shortcode (in HTML) and using the code itself but neither worked. The only way I got it to work was to wrap the HR code in the above paragraph. I’d be happy to send you a login if you like to you can try.

    As for the contact page, I just didn’t like the additional white space under the HR, but I understand that may have something to do with the plugin. You guys going to add captcha anytime soon?





    I noticed on my site as well that sometimes the HR shortcode would cut off text below.

    I found that if the HR code was BOLDED in the visual editor then it would cut off text.

    If you hit return after text that is BOLDED and then enter an HR code (at least in visual editor) then your new HR code is also bolded by default. Simply highlight the HR code and switch back to unbolded text and it solved my problem.

    Happy editing…


    Thanks biospa for this hint. I’ll report it to Kriesi.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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