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    With the shortcode [hr title=’blabla’] the title shows very nicely :)

    But what about the google and other search engine ranking with this shortcode ?

    For google, ‘blabla’ should be interpreted like a title or like a simple text ?

    Thank you :)


    Hi 4lexander,

    The text within the HR is just getting read as plaintext with no title attribute or anything like that. It really isn’t intended to be a page header and instead meant to be break up content (which is what an HR is, a Horizontal Rule).

    You should use a H1 or H2 in the content after your HR shortcode so that you can properly label the sections for better SEO.





    Thank you for your reply.

    I have to do like that ?

    [hr title='<h1>blabla</h1>’]

    That seems to doesn’t works because all txt after this code disappear …

    Other code :

    <h1>[hr title=’blabla’]</h1>

    It’s better but the font is not the same.

    What is your comment ?

    Thank you



    Or it is possible to show a HR title like an h1 title ?



    Have you been using Tumblr before? Because they made up a whole lot of meaningless terms that confuse people and have no meaning outside tumblr.

    h1 is a tag that lets search engines know what is important. hr is a horizontal line with an attached div with some styled text next to the horizontal line. You like the way that text looks. So why not take the styling information used in the hr and add it to the h1 tag styling information. Putting a horizontal line inside h1 could be done as well.

    I think you are confusing title as in <title></title> and h1 title (which you are using to describe a header of a section as a title of a section of text… i think you are misunderstanding something here the way you are using the words header title/ h1 tag … wet water, dry desert … all h1 tags by their definition are titles of sections (headers) within the content independent of page title html tags <title>Page Title</title>)

    HR title has no meaning outside how it is used within the theme to describe text attached to a horizontal line with css. To a search engine it has no relevance unless the attached text is inside the h1-h6 tags.

    I dont know if that makes sense to you but if it doesn’t I suggest you read an html guide to get a better understanding.




    Hello, thank you for your reply.

    *So why not take the styling information used in the hr and add it to the h1 tag styling information. Putting a horizontal line inside h1 could be done as well.*

    It is exactly what I would like to do, thank you for putting my thoughts into words. I guess that I have to modify the CSS ?

    *To a search engine it has no relevance unless the attached text is inside the h1-h6 tags.*

    I don’t know if I understand well, but when you say “attached text is inside the h1 tag”, you mean to put the h1 tag inside the hr short-code ? Like that ? [hr title='<h1>blabla</h1>’]


    Hi Alex,

    Correct, if you wanted to use h1 or h2 for those instead of the HR shortcode, you would need to change the styling of it.Or, doing the HR inside a H1 could work as well, again with a bit of modifying css.





    The problem is that I have not enough knowledge to manage this change of styling myself….



    just to make sure that I give you the correct code, would you point out the page and the section of the page where an HR is located on your site whose accompanying text styling you want to transfer to the h1 tag?




    Dear Nick,

    In fact I use the HR shortcode like a sub-title because I like how its shows.

    It means that I use the HR on all page of my website :

    But I would like keep the same main title format ; <h1 class=”siteheading”>, the theme use automatically h1 for the page title.

    Knowing that I only use the title h1, h2 and the HR on my website… It means we could maybe “convert” the h3 style to the HR style…

    If we change the style of h3 to show it like a HR, it means that I’ll have only to write for example <h3>…</h3> ?

    I hope that I understood well.

    Thank you very much for your help.



    Hi Alex,

    I just came up with a very simple solution that should work just fine for you :)

    We’ll make a new h3 class that will be invisible to the user but google will still crawl it. This way you don’t have to worry about styling anything new and can just go add the new h3 wherever you want to tell search engines “this is a heading”.

    This is the html you will need to add into the “Text” tab of the visual editor (customize it for each use):

    <h3 class="hidden-header">Title of this section</h3>

    And add this css to your custom.css file so that any header with the hidden-header class is invisible to the user:

    .hidden-header {
    display: none;

    Give that a try since you have almost the whole site already done how you want it wont require really changing anything.




    Hello Devin, thank you for this ingenious trick.

    If I understood well, in the html editor I’ll have to add this new h3 class just after or before the hr title, like the following ;

    <h3 class=”hidden-header”>Title of this section</h3> (for google crawling & ranking)

    [hr title=’Title of this section’] (for user)

    Yes you are right it should be a very good solution in my case.

    I’ll try this trick soon.

    Thank you.



    The question is what about google ?, that can be considered as a cheat …?



    In itself it is not considered a trick or a cheat. If you use it to trick or cheat google then it will be. Just don’t stuff it with repetitive keywords. Don’t worry, grandma Google is not a living god capable of seeing all, that’s just a rumor. ;)



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