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    Hello, Kriesi, hello Dude

    First of all, congratulations on your theme. It’s affordable, sleek, flexible, and beautiful.

    For some reasons not concerning security, I need to drop timthumb script from my website. I would like to use regular WP post attachments to show images (my editors know how to crop and resize images prior uploading). So, timthumb won’t be necessary. What files do I need to modify/alter in order to get rid of timthumb?

    Thanks in advance for your help!



    the latest version of Newscast (2.0.3) doesn’t contain timthumb anymore. Please download the update from and replace the old files with the new ones.


    Hi, I’m having an issue with the thumbnails on my site. For some of my site’s viewers, they only see the thumbnails loading. Since I have version 2.0.2, I’m assuming this is a timthumb issue?

    Two questions:

    1) My themeforest account doesn’t seem to have my Newscast purchase listed, and I can’t seem to find my purchase info. If I sent PM’d my contact info, could you look it up?

    2) I’ve already built the site to my specifications. Would updating to 2.0.3 do away with those changes?


    Hi JPDCSO,

    You would need to contact Themforest to rectify the theme not showing up under your downloads. Once you are able to update, as long as you have not modified the theme files directly, you won’t have any issues with applying the update.

    If you have, you can see the changelog for a list of files that have been modified and update those while also reapplying any changes you have done after that.


    Thanks Devin, I got my issue with Themeforest settled.

    I did add changes to the stylesheet directly, however, looking at the changelog, it appears that the only update was removing timthumb? Would it be possible for me to just do that?


    Also, I am a bit dim about updating, my apologies, but would updating the template also require me to re-create the widgets and menus I’ve created?


    Apologies for constant posts, but my previous posts were a bit unclear. I couldn’t delete them, so let me re-ask my question in a more concise way:

    If my only changes have been to style.css, does this mean all I need to do is back up that file, upload the new template, then paste my CSS code into 2.0.3’s style.css file? Or do I also need to save my widgets and menus in order to re-build those once 2.0.3 is installed?

    Thanks for your time, sorry if I’m driving you crazy, heh.


    Hey JPDCSO,

    You are correct. You should be able to replace the style.css once you have updated the new theme overtop of the old and not have any issues with your widgets or settings.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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