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    Dear Support,

    I am trying to get my Choices site working with WPML. After installing and activating the plugin there appeared a language switcher in the top right area of my site showing flags (German/English in my case). I read in another thread how to remove this by changing some code in the config.php of the themes config-wpml folder. After the change there is no language switcher anymore in this area.

    There is though a language switcher in the horizontal main menu, that is configurable through the WPML backend.

    My questions:

    1. Is it possible to have the switcher in the top right area above the search field again but as a select menu instead of the flags?

    2. How can I deactivate the switcher in the menu bar? I choose WPMLs option to show the language switcher in the WP menu and this worked but the select switcher was still there!?

    3. How should I proceed when creating pages in other languages concerning templates I have built in the choices template builder? Could you give a short howto for this process.

    4. Question 3 is possibly related to the question how sidebar widget are assigned to pages of othe languages. Is there a way to give a second language page its own sidebar and therefore its own widgets?

    Maybe I didn´t get the process at all and it is in fact easy. Could you lead me in the rright direction please.

    Thanks in advance, Bernhard


    Hi Bernhard,

    My knowledge of WPML is limited so I’m tagging the rest of the support team. Hopefully, one of them will be able to assist you.





    Can we please see a link to your website. I myself also am not very familiar with the plugin. The WPML has I believe 3-4 mult-page sections of set-up options you need to carefully go through in order to properly customize it. It’s best to ask the plugin makers on their forum, since they know how their product works best. After a cursory look at the plugin, know how to correctly set it up is crucial.

    1a) Please undo the fix you said you’ve added.

    1b) Please look at the customization options for the WPML plugin itself, and one of the options asks you if you wish for the flag to be shown in the drop down or not, as well as many other options.

    Here is what is written “The Choices theme makes it possible that all backend options can be saved several times for different languages. The Avia Framework appends a language string to the key of the options entry that is saved to the wordpress database.

    Since the Avia Framework only uses a single option array for the whole backend and then serializes that array and saves it to a single database entry this is a very easy and flexible method to setup your site in any way you want:

    ****with muliple languages, layouts, logos, dynamic templates, etc for each language.****”

    So the answer is Yes, that functionality is there, and the plugin is fully integrated into the theme, tried and tested. I am certain the wpml guys can assist you further. Sorry I couldn’t be much more of help.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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