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    To use iframe function you need to:

    1. Create a link (a href=””#””).

    2. Add the rel attribute “prettyPhoto” to it (rel=”prettyPhoto”).

    3. Change the href of your link so it points to the webpage you want to open.

    4. Then add “?iframe=true” as a parameters in your HREF so prettyPhoto knows to open the content in an iframe.

    5. Then add the width and height as parameters in your HREF (&width=100&height=100). Please note that the dimensions can be percent based.

    code example:

    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[iframes]" title=" opened at 100%"></a>
    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[iframes]"></a>
    <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[iframes]"></a>

    Have a look at this page for more informations:

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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