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    I’m running on v1.4 and wish to update to v1.5. What’s the correct way to update the theme?


    Hi beijaflor,

    Before updating, make sure to backup your database files, and you can also backup the theme files in a secure place. After the backup is done, in your WP Dashboard, go to Appearance > Themes and select the TwentyEleven theme or other themes, except Choices. Then, using ftp, go to wp-content > themes and delete the Choices theme. After deleting it, upload the new version of Choices theme. After the uploading of theme, go back to WP Dashboard and go to Appearance > Themes and select the Choices theme. Hope this helps. :)




    Thanks. How are the theme and database files respectively properly backed up?





    For the database, go to phpmyadmin, export the sql and the xml files.

    For the theme, just copy them then move it on a safe place on your computer.




    Is there a way to update the theme that preserves any changes you’ve made to .php files? I’ve got custom taxonomies set up in my functions.php and have modified the loop-index.php in places too (as well as others). Is there a list somewhere of which files have been updated?



    Yes, the thmeforest zip file contains a text file called “version.rtf”. It tells you which files received an update.

    Best regards,



    Cheers Peter – forgot to reply to say thanks sooner!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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