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    I’ve modified the avisio design a bit last year, and now the sliders aren’t working and I see it’s because I don’t have the newest avisio version. I understand if I update avisio, I have to do all the customization again, right? I don’t really want to do that (and am not really sure if I even can), so any ideas how to get things to work again without going into all the code again?




    you just need to update the files with are mentioned in version.rtf. You can use tools like notepad++ to compare code files (changes).


    Hi Dude,


    So step 1 is to just delete the file wp-content/themes/avisio/framework/includes/timthumb.php, right?


    please answer my question from previous post :)


    ignore previous question, found it already on forum.


    I updated the files mentioned in the versions.rtf

    But I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method kclass_advanced_css_style::set_element_background_image() in wp-content/themes/avisio/header.php on line 78

    One thing I didn’t do is update style.css file (because too many customizations) – might this be the cause?

    However, when I then replace the new header file (from 17.03.2011) with the old header file (from 11.10.2010) everything seems to work flawlessly. Is it really necessary to update the header file?



    Yes, because Kriesi changed the way how the custom css style code output is called in header.php.

    Best regards,



    Thanks Peter :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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