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    I read the documentation and couldnt find the answer and i have never done this so what do i do to update the theme where do i get the files on theme forest the same place where i downloaded?

    1. Main File(s)

    2. Installable WordPress File

    which one to use?

    3. and also never used child theme is there another way to save the settings and everything without loosing the site?

    4. or child theme is the only way. if it is how to set that up?



    1) You can download the Replete theme from – log in and go to the “Downloads” page where you can download all purchased items.

    2) Unzip the themeforest zip file, then search for in the resulting folder and unzip it too.

    3) If you didn’t modify any theme files you can just overwrite the “old” files with the updated files and you can use ftp to transfer the files to your server (wp-content/themes directory). If you modified some files I’d make a backup of the theme folder first, then overwrite the files with the update files and then modify the “updated” files again. You can also check the changelog (version.rtf/txt) in the themeforest zip file – often you don’t need to replace all files but just certain files/folders.

    4) If you’re already using a child theme the update won’t affect the settings at all. However if you want to use/create a child theme now you’ll loose the settings because Kriesi uses the theme name to save the settings in the Database. If the child theme Name is i.e. “Replete Child” it can’t read the settings from the main theme “Replete”.



    I am confused with 2 different files on themeforest Downloads page. Here is a screenshot so which one do i need to download in order to update the files

    1. Main File(s)? or

    2. Installable WordPress File?

    EDIT: please disregard 1. and 2. as we figured it out that the Main Files include everything and that the installable WordPress File is just the theme alone. Thanks again for your help.


    Further Questions:

    3. The only file we changed is the header from this link: Is there any chance that this would be rewritten when we re-install the theme? If yes since its a very easy code, we can update manually.

    4. We only tried once to create a child theme and it was too complicated, so if it is not required with Replete we do not want to do it

    5. Now regarding FTP, when we originally installed the theme, we used FileZilla, and dragged Replete into the themes folder. Do we just do the same thing and allow it to overwrite the files if they are newer?




    Hi Nicolas,

    I didn’t realize Themeforest changed the download option. Will have to update all of our installation information so thank you for pointing that out.

    When update via FTP you would typically just overwrite everything at once by dragging and dropping in the new theme folder on top of the old. Then you can re-apply the update/customization you’ve done to the header.php file after.

    What I typically do is make a change-log.txt file for myself and keep it in the theme folder with all of the changes I have made to the theme files. Then make a backup of my live theme before updating and re-apply my changes.




    No problem Devin, glad I could contribute something and thanks for the tips about updating the theme.



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