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    How to transfer Enfold layouts across websites like Divi Theme?
    Hello Guys,
    I wants to copy some pages from one website to another website.
    # If will use the old method like switch to text mode and copy/paste on website, it is not proper way to copy the page
    # If I will choose Export/Import default WordPress tools, its also not helpful because it export/import all the pages not specific pages.
    Here old references of Enfold theme for transfer the pages – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -enfold-site-to-another/

    Enfold Theme is the best Theme till now I have used. But I have seen interesting thing in Divi theme. They have export the single page and import on another website. It copy all things and paste on other website, its so interesting and time saving without lossing the content, page builder layout.

    I am also wondering that Why Enfold is too late for giving this feature.
    Please give this feature ASAP to make the Theme Perfect with all features.

    Here is Divi Theme’s smaple, how they have used the Export/Import Layout –

    Hope you will understand.


    Hey almondmike_a,

    Enfold offers such a feature but it’s hidden:

    1) Activate the debug mode on both websites: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /#debug-mode

    2) You should now see a new field under the Advanced Layout Builder with the live output of the elements as you add them using the drag and drop interface. Just be careful of editing things in that field as there are no checks or automatic corrections for missing punctuation or code.

    3) Copy the entire code from this debug field field (i.e. to the clipboard) and paste it into the debug field of the other website and save the page. The page builder will then interpret this code and will use it to build the layout as soon as the page builder loads again.

    Best regards,


    Thanks Dude,



    You’re welcome :)

    Best regards,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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