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    I have purchased a few of your themes and noticed that some have toggle shortcode available. Does this theme have it? I really need it for this theme. OR can you recommend what files I could use to put it in this theme?





    the toggle shortcode is part of Avisio, Habitat and CleanCut. Newscast doesn’t provide any theme specific shortcodes. It’s currently not possible to transfer the shortcodes from one theme to another without some coding knowledge.


    Newscast is a fine theme. The fact that you have a searchable forum and active support is another big plus. The one thing that seemed to be lacking are shortcodes. However, hardcoding shortcodes into themes probably isn’t the best approach anyway. By adding JShortcodes plugin to Newscast, the shortcode issue was solved for me.


    Hardcoded shortcodes have the disadvantage that you need to rewrite or restructure major parts of your content if you decide to switch the theme one day. Plugins like JShortcodes can help you to preserve your content and shortcodes….


    Dude – I meant to thank you for the JShortcodes tip. It’s a fine plugin for buttons, boxes, and other stuff. And yes, having the shortcodes in an external plugin makes great sense.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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