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    I am trying to create a certain layout for products for a client, but am unsure what files need modifying etc. The custom template allows 2-5 columns, but I want a single column, that has the product name/price/excerpt/thumbnail and view more link in-line, much like on this site: is this possible without coding? If not can you please let me know what files need modifying to acheive this kind of product listing?

    Think this theme is one of the best I have worked with.

    Many thanks



    You’ll have to code a custom template. It’s not difficult tho’



    e-citron is right. It’s currently not possible to create such a page/layout with Abundance. You need to code a custom template.


    Thanks e-citron + Dude. I’m sure I’ll be able to code such a template, but will be quicker if I can copy an existing one and modify – is a php file created for the dynamic ones or is it database driven? I can’t seem to see php files for either the standard or dynamic page templates in the theme directory are they there somewhere? Any help much appreciated and I’ll share the results :)




    Any guidance on creating a custom template in abundance? Is it exactly like a normal WP custom template?



    Anyone? Anyone? Bueller… ? Fry…?



    you can find the dynamic templates generation code in includes/helper-templates.php.


    Thanks, but I have now managed to get the layout I needed with a few custom CSS mods.



    p.s. be careful adding the woocommerce recent products widget to the display everywhere (left) widget area. it makes the wrong product info display!


    Thanks for the heads up :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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