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    I resize te content width to 650px with a code i found somewhere in the forum, now the problem is:

    1- If i attache an image to the entry the images is small, i can’t find a way to resize it.

    2- how to link that image to a portfolio item? not to the file itself.

    3- the attache image goes below the text and the sharing buttons.

    4- how can i remove the text below the comments box? You may use these blah blah…..

    here is the entry http://luischales.com/quinces-photography/ (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -daniela/

    Please help


    1- done.

    2- is still unresolved.

    3- is still unresolved.

    4- done



    Is the sharing buttons a plugin you just added?




    Ismael i think they come from JetPack, i have no idea, why do you ask? do you think thats the problem for 2 and 3?

    I actually change the blog gallery to slideshow, and the is no problems at all. But still what i want is to have just 1 images in the blog that when the user click on it take him to an specific portfolio. any help on that?


    2) Open up includes/loop-index.php and cut following code:

    //embeded list gallery
    if(is_single() && strpos($avia_config['layout'],'attached_images') !== false )
    new avia_embed_images();

    //embeded 3 column gallery
    if(is_single() && strpos($avia_config['layout'],'three_column') !== false )
    new avia_three_column();

    //embeded list gallery
    if(is_single() && strpos($avia_config['layout'],'gallery_shortcode') !== false )
    global $gallery_active;
    if(!$gallery_active) echo do_shortcode('[gallery force="avia"]');

    Then paste it before following line:

    if(is_search() || avia_is_overview())

    3) Afaik it’s currently not possible to apply a custom url to gallery images – thus you can’t link the image to portfolio entries if you use the gallery shortcode. A workaround would be to insert the image directly into the post content (via the text editor) – by going this way you can change the link url.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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