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    I recently purchased the CleanCut Theme and made good progress in adapting it to my needs. But now I am stuck on one specific problem: I have three columns in the mainpage section below the slider. It shows a little intro text and than a blue button “Read more” appears.

    1.) How can I get this to be “Mehr erfahren” (e.g translating it to German)? I have this problem in general: i can modify the style using “style.css” or style1.css and I can find the respective spot with “Firebug” but once i try to locate the right place in the theme I cannot find it. Is there any tool or plugin to help with that problem.

    2) I also would like to change the link that is made out of the article heading, to make it link to one of my Pages. Thus, the article just consists of the short introt text in the columns, but in the end the links (the button and the heading) should link to a page that i already have set up.

    Can anybody help my solve those problems? I really tried it for quite a while, but just can’t find the way to get into the adequate html-document, where i could set the right texts.

    Thanks a lot in advance and best regards ,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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