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    An employee of mine accidentally deleted our Feedburner account when trying to fix a feed error.

    In doing so they forgot to select the redirect option upon cancellation so now our WordPress feed still redirects to the Feedburner URL.

    It seems as though there has to be a way to remove this redirect from our WordPress site, but I cannot seem to find where this would be. I have checked our .htaccess file and I have made sure that the theme settings are not using the Feedburner URL.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks


    Hi vinnylabarbera,

    Feedburner link is placed here: Propulsion > Theme Options > RSS feed url

    Try to remove the value.




    Thanks for the response Ismael, but I’ve already tried that.

    The default feed continues to redirect to the feedburner feed URL.

    Is there anywhere else in the theme where this redirect could be triggering (besides the .htaccess file where it is not in there)?


    Found where the redirect is at (in a plugin file).

    Now I just need to figure out how to disable the redirect

    Here is the code for the plugin file:


    class WPHubspotSocial {

    function WPHubspotSocial() {

    // FeedBurner Integration Hooks

    add_filter(‘feed_link’, array(&$this, ‘hs_feedburner_feed_link’), 1, 2);



    } else {

    add_action(‘template_redirect’, array(&$this, ‘hs_feed_redirect’));




    // Replace RSS with Feedburner


    function hs_feed_redirect() {

    global $feed;

    // Do nothing if not a feed

    if (!is_feed()) {



    // Do nothing if feedburner is the user-agent

    if (preg_match(‘/feedburner/i’, $_SERVER)){



    if (preg_match(‘/googlebot/i’, $_SERVER)){




    if ($feed != ‘comments-rss2’ && trim($hs_settings) != ”) {

    if (function_exists(‘status_header’)) status_header( 302 );

    header(“Location:” . trim($hs_settings));

    header(“HTTP/1.1 302 Temporary Redirect”);





    // Feedburner filter URL


    function hs_feedburner_feed_link($output, $feed){



    //preg_match(“/rss2|atom|rdf/i”, $feed)

    if(trim($feed_url) != ” && $feed!=’comments-rss2′){

    $feed_array = array(‘rss’ => $feed_url, ‘rss2’ => $feed_url, ‘atom’ => $feed_url, ‘rdf’ => $feed_url, ‘comments_rss2’ => ”);

    $feed_array[$feed] = $feed_url;

    $output = $feed_array[$feed];


    return $output;





    You can try to delete (or comment out) following line:

    add_action('template_redirect', array(&$this, 'hs_feed_redirect'));

    Best regards,



    Thanks Dude!

    The redirect seems to be gone now.

    Now I am getting an error on my feed though that I need to fix to finish this up.

    Here is the error:

    This page contains the following errors:

    error on line 37 at column 493: EntityRef: expecting ‘;’



    I couldn’t find such a symbol (or any code) on line 37. It points to:

    // Feedburner filter URL

    which is just a php comment and the php code interpreter will ignore it. Maybe contact the plugin author and ask him what causes the error.




    Thanks for looking Peter.

    I am going to close this out as everything seems to be an issue with the HubSpot plugin.

    I really appreciate the help.

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