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    How to remove sidebar from frontpage?



    you can set every page/template as front page I need more information. Can you post a link please? If you set the blog as front page, you can remove the sidebar in template-blog.php – however you need to take care of the 3 columns layout (like mentioned here: ) – otherwise you’ll just see a white area.


    I was using the dynamic template, so I wanted to remove the sidebar from the “blog” section. I figured it out though: and the alignment seems to be okay…


    You didn’t actually need to remove the side bar. You can just create a three column grid in the template builder, for the top part of your homepage. There is something wrong with the height of your container boxes though. They should all be the same depth. You mentioned it before when you were creating archives without a sidebar. If you make the columns in the template builder it shouldn’t happen, unless something has altered in the loop.php files.


    @rumblefish – OMG, why didn’t I think of that?!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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