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    I need to remove the priority field from the contact form.

    This appears to be defined in the register-aviva-contact.php form.

    It has settings ‘low’ ‘medium’ ‘urgent as hell’ ‘ASAP DUDE’ etc

    I need something a bit more professional than this as its too informal for my use.

    However if I change it – nothing changes – so I assume I need to re-register this in some way?



    Yes, it appears but once in ‘register-admin-options.php’ which is executed during setup and now resides in the database. If you don’t feel like re-installing, you can always use phpmyadmin to get into the mysql and change them in the wp_options table, or you can try phpmyadmin plugin.The data though is probably serialized though, and you will spend more time counting character lengths then a reinstall would take.

    It might be editable on this page , though probably not.

    I think it may be easiest to edit ‘register-admin-options.php’ and reinstall then poking around a database you may not be familiar with.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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