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    in the original theme there is a menu in home page with 3 columns and icons/buttons with some information in the middle (colors and fonts, seo…) it´s between the gallery and footer.

    How can i remove this part or changing icons and information with my icons and information?


    Hi clauroces,

    Kindly open wp-content/themes/eunoia/images/icons/iconbox/ and place your new icons there. Now, in your Page Content Editor(Visual), use the Sidebar Tab shortcode and you should be able to see your icon when choosing an icon to be used in the sidebar tab.





    I can’t find Sidebar Tab shortcode in Page Content Editor. Is there any more detailed instruction manual or something?


    Hi perfumestore,

    In the visual editor icon bar there is an icon for the theme shortcodes (it looks like a magic wand). Select it and then from the menu you can select Sidebar Tabs and customize it for your needs.

    In the main package you downloaded from Themeforest there should be a folder called documentation. Open up that folder and the index.html file will open up the basic theme docs.

    Additionally, you can use the themes load dummy data function to populate your site with just about the same setup that the demo displays. It will add in new pages, menus, portfolio items and change all the theme settigns so keep that in mind if you already have options set up.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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