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    first off, thank you for creating such an amazing WP theme as Newcast! It’s great, but I’m a WP/php newbie and I’ve already learned some things by myself, but still, I need help. The page I’m refering to is this one:

    1) How can I make a menu like in the preview demo here? I mean the menu beneath the header (Development | Freelancning | …)? And how to make it dropable (like the Adobe category).

    2) A very serious question now: how can I make a LOGIN/PASSWORD widget (or something displayed in the rightmost column) with the ability of free registration of anyone who comes to my page and wants to sign up?

    3) Doing my background – could someone send me a PSD file with the original background for skin 4 please?

    Thank you a lot.


    1 You can find the way to do this in the help file.

    As to fold down. Just add more submenu’s. Drag a menu item on top off another menu item and it will become a submenu.

    2 Are you reffering to a members area? I think you would do best to use a plugin for this.


    1) Thanks, but I had to download the whole file again. Somehow it didn’t download previously.

    2) Yes and no. I mean I want to make the page/blog/whatever viewable to everyone, but I want restrict comments to members only. I mean, a man comes to my page, likes it, wants to comment on something but he cannot. So he signs up, then logs in and since then on he can add comments. He has his own profile – but this is not requiered by me.


    You can change the registration setting under Options > General. Tick the checkbox there and choose the right membersip level.


    Hi, yes, I’ve been having that checked since day 1, but what I actually need is the “widget” or something with LOGIN:____________ PASSWORD:___________ if you know what I mean


    OMG, thank you SO MUCH! I feel kinda stupid now. :P


    OK, one more questions: can I get rid of the “<div>” where’s the page menu supposed to be? I want to minimalise the gap between the menu and the logo picture.



    The logo has an absolute position. You can position it where you want.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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