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    I have a one-page portfolio website that I need to migrate. What is the official migration instruction for Coalition. I migrated the db through the built-in WordPress migration functionality.
    Then I migrated the Coalition theme folder and activated the theme.
    However my one-page portfolio page is still not showing. In the admin part of One-page there are no details for it. Where are these stored exactly. In a database?


    Hi mcdragon!

    Thank you for using the theme.

    Please use this plugin in order to transfer the website:

    If you have the time, please check our latest theme, Enfold.

    Best regards,


    The plugin you suggested is not free for multisite which my page is on. And its not cheap either.
    How come the site cannot be exported and imported like any other wp site?
    Why on earth would I go for yet another of your templates that I won’t be able to easily migrate?



    Seems that there are some issues with the minigration, so Ismael is actually suggesting an automate way to do it, for you.
    When on Multisite, you are trying to go back to self installation?



    I am just trying to migrate from one self hosted server to another. Specifically from a hosted website to a aws bitnami instance server. My current website is on multisite and it looks like its screwed as I cannot transfer the one page portfolio and you guys can’t tell me how to do it manually without using 3rd party tools.



    yes, that’s true. You need to use the plugins we have mentioned or any other migration plugins.

    Best regards,


    The plugin didn’t work for me. Probably made implementation worse as I was going from WP multisite to bog standard single-site wp app.
    Used a combo of manual sql loading for pages. The one page portfolio I just redid manually.The interface really is awful but I like the way Coalition looks so I will stick with it rather than go to Enfold that would require a tonne of new learning and it might not look the way I want it to.



    please ask plugin’s author about how to use the plugin properly.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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