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    I really like your theme – Coalition and am working on it!

    I’m wondering how to make it full page for the content of post. For example in the following post: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -cruise/

    1) How can I make the space for the content full page in case there is no featured image selected on the right side to escape the white space that you can see above?

    2) Is there anyway to remove the “Related Posts” or “Leave a Reply” section?

    If in case I want to move these texts to the left, not the right as it is now, where can I change it and How can I edit the texts too?

    Thanks in advance for your kind support and hope to hear from you soon!


    Can anyone help me with this please?



    sorry for the delay.

    1) In your style.css find the following and adapt the width between the brackets.

    .template-blog .entry-content

    2) I believe you can just turn your comments off in your WordPress settings to hide all this. To hide the “related” stuff you can add this to your Quick CSS or custom.css

    .template-blog .related_posts{display:none;}
    .template-blog .related-meta{display:none;}


    Hello, I had the same question. Thank you for sharing.

    I was able to make my post widths 600 pixels… but that just pushes the .blog-meta (with the feature image, date and category) to the bottom of the page, making it look odd. Ideally, I would like that content to remain in the top right hand corner, and have the blog content wrap or flow around it. I tried tinkering with the css to get this effect, but I can’t figure it out.

    Can you help?


    Hi mattcarreau,

    Can you provide a link to your site so we can see what you have now?




    Sure, thanks Devin.

    If you visit (Purchase code hidden if logged out) / you will see that I have expanded the .template-blog .entry-content to be 600px. But doing this pushes the feature image/date/author information to the bottom of the page.

    I think this looks odd. I would like to keep this in the top right hand corner of the post, and have the entry content wrap around it. Sort of like this:


    [ ]

    [ ]

    [ ]

    [ ]

    [ ]

    (full width: 600px)

    Thanks Devin.


    Hi mattcarreau,

    Unfortunately that would take quite a bit of customization and tweaking to get working correctly because of the way divs are set up. I tried some simple css changes but it’ll take quite a bit of trial and error to get right and then to do the fixes so that it still works correctly cross-browser.

    If you’re interested in getting it set up, you’ll need to re-do the structure of the posts in includes>loop-index.php and then adjust the css for the new set up.




    Thanks for your help Devin. I don’t have the skill to do that, so I’ll live with post width as it is at 370px.

    It might be something you want to consider for future updates, however. For blog posts, a width of 370px is fine. But for portfolio items, where you want to showcase your work to maximum effect, it would be nice to have the fill width.

    It seems the portfolio entries use the post template… am I correct? Or can we make portfolio entries use pages?



    Yes, they use the post template as well.

    I’ll send in the idea for additional options to Kriesi as a feature request. No promises on if/when as I don’t make the ultimate decision on it but I can definitely agree with your want to have more space.



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