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    I know you’ve answered this before, but I am unable to follow the answers. In one frustrating thread, the guy was running into the same problems i am and then wrote, “Oh, I finally got it. Thanks” without sharing his epiphany. I figure if I start my own thread at least I can ask questions until I get it.

    Like many, I want to have a main Portfolio page that has 4 images on it that when you click on each one you are taken to its corresponding gallery page. Right now via the menu I see my 4 dropdown gallery pages under my Portfolio main page, but I’d also like to have the main Portfolio page have 4 image buttons (a piece of art I made that is a representative photo with the gallery title on it) where someone could click on each one and be taken to its gallery (instead of what looks like just a single post page). This is what I seem to be seeing on the Demo Portfolio page—or am I seeing something different?

    I cannot figure how to have the click-through go to the right place, except by uploading my four main images directly into the Portfolio page, and making sure their url clicks through to the corresponding gallery page. That doesn’t look right, and judging by the demo it isn’t. Then I tried uploading a bunch of items in a Portfolio category, with the button image being the last item, but no images showed up at all on my designated Portfolio page, even after choosing the category in the Portfolio Theme Options.

    I guess I’m confused about Portfolios, items, and uploads and galleries. Is there one place I can go to read about all that? I would put a screenshot here of what result I’m looking for but don’t see a way to do that. I’ve spent many hours on this now, getting close but then frustrated.

    Thanks for any help.


    Hi Kelly!

    I’ve been in trouble with the portfolio too! ;-)

    Take a look at this screencast:

    It’s not for our theme, but it works the same way.

    Don’t search for it: you don’t have the sorting option.



    Same here. I think the documentation needs to be expanded.

    Not sure if this helps. I asked this about a week ago:

    Can I set up folders in the portfolio section (ie. vacation, still-life, etc …)?

    And the answer was:

    Not quite folders but you can organize by Categories. You can then add a Category widget to your sidebars to let people click on them and display everything under that category.


    Hey Kelly, hey Randy!

    I made you a “quick-and-dirty”-video….



    Eureka! @dennkiel your video did the trick.

    Here’s what else I learned (which all seems obvious now):

    • Under Portofolio Items “Add new” means “new portfolio entry” which is like a post. I thought maybe it meant new portfolio which confused me.

    • The content area on this new entry is for text only. You designate the photos by uploading them to the item’s Gallery area below.

    • Before hitting Save, double check that you’ve chosen a gallery layout, like “flexible grid gallery.” The default “background slider” shows nothing in the content area.

    @bokehman I’m going to try the Category widget in a sidebar just to see how that works. I didn’t think I wanted a sidebar on my Home page, but we’ll see.

    THANKS so much for your help, guys. If only I’d had this “down ‘n dirty” video before embarking on my highly frustrating journey yesterday. You should make the video a sticky post at the top of this forum.

    More questions to come on other smaller topics….


    @ Kelly: You’re welcome! :-)

    But be careful: I’m a newbie to WordPress, Themes, Flashlight & many other things… ;-) I’m on it since yesterday! ;-)

    Stay good :-)



    Yeah. (Mostly) noob here, too.

    I would have preferred the categories to be displayed like this …

    Having them in closer proximity to the galleries makes more sense, IMO.

    You can also set up sub-pages under a Portfolio page using menus.

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