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    Hi there, I am trying to add the following button to the ‘Excerpt’ section for my AJAX portfolio on :

    <div align=”center”>Request a Quote</div>

    (The link through url will change for each button)

    But when i click on the button it just loads the ajax product page. How do i separate the button from the AJAX script?



    You have a large site, please provide a link which goes directly to the portfolio page, after trying 10 links I was unable to locate it.




    Hi NIck, if you go to the URL: and then scroll down to the portfolio section you should see all the products listed with a blue ‘Get a quote’ button below each one.

    Please see a screenshot at:

    I have circled the ‘Get a quote’ buttons in red. At the moment, when i add a link to any of the buttons it doesn’t work.


    Hi y2chrisroyston,

    I was just addressing this in another topic, the issue is that when you use an ajax portfolio the link for the ajax portfolio is on top of all other content within the thumbnail area including the button and excerpt area. You’ll either need to use the other portfolio display option so that each portfolio item is on its own page or add the get a quote button to the main content of the item so that it can be clicked once the item has been loaded in via ajax.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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