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    I want to make some letters in a different color in menu items to emphasize it. How can I do that?

    Also how can I change the menu items size or font or making them italic, bold?


    1) It’s not easily possible to change the color of some letters. You can change the color of certain menu items though. You can use the id of the menu item (check the source code of your website) to style it. Eg :

    .catnav li#menu-item-113 a strong {
    color: #ff0000;

    Would change the color the menu item with the id 113 to red.

    2) You can use following css code:

    .catnav li a strong {
    font-size: 15px;
    font-weight: bold;
    font-style: italic;

    Obviously you can change the font size value, etc. if you like.


    Thanks, but I create a new word in my own language and I need to emphasize its letters that make it different from its similar. So don’t you know any wordpress widget I can use for it?


    No. However you can try to add a span tag to the menu title but I’m not sure if WordPress supports html tags with Newscast. Go to Appearance > Menus and click on a menu item to edit/change the “Navigation Label” of the selected menu item. Then add the html span tag to your text content. Eg if you want to highlight the word “Premium” of “Premium Plugins” replace these words with:

    <span style="color:#ff0000 !important;">Premium</span> Plugins

    You can use another color value (#ff0000 is red).


    Hey Dude,

    It works with a problem that can be solved I think. The size of the highligting word decreases only. So how can we size the highlighting word in original?

    PS: Also the colored letters are separated from previous and next letters, but it must be adjacent.


    I need to change the characters in ” ” to red without gaps before and after:

    İyi Yönet”in”im (The itm should be seen as “İyi Yönetinim”, but only the characters in ” ” should be in red)

    But when I use the codes above there become gaps before and after the red colored letters. I don’t want gaps. I want them adjacent as a word.


    I fixed it myself. I placedit like this:

    İyi Yönet <font color=”#ff0000″>in im

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