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    Hi, a couple questions regarding the slider:

    1. In the case of images smaller than the slider, how do I maintain aspect ratio?

    Currently images are stretched sideways, I need them enlarged to fill as much of the slider as possible without changing the aspect ratio. Obviously image quality may not be the best but that is acceptable, the distortion caused by this stretching, however, is something I really need to avoid.

    2. When images load that there is a “tiling” effect during transition, again when the images in question are smaller than the slider. How can this best be avoided?

    Thank you!



    1.) The aspect ratio of images can only be adjusted by modifying the sizes of images generated in functions.php. Bear in mind that if you change the image sizes, this only affects images uploaded from that point onwards (ie existing images will use their existing sizes).

    2.) The only way to avoid this problem is to create images larger than or equal to the largest image size set in functions.php and upload them from there.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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