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    My site is and I use Upscale theme.

    My problem is that when my visitors and me either zoom in our out in different browsers the content areas on the front page and in the portfolio change from 3 in a row to 2 and one below. and on tyhe portfolio page it change from 4 in a row to 3 in a row and one down below.

    So I need to content areas (“colums”) to be locked when you zoom in and out like everything else on the site.

    Thanks in advance , best regards Robin



    I don’t think it’s possible to block zooming. Maybe there’s a javascript solution but because it’s a client side function you can’t influence it imho.


    I don’t want to block zooming, just that it seems to be an probelm with the theme that some users and in different browsers see the site all weird with the colums all wrong in both frontpage and protfolio.

    This must be a problem for everyone with upscale and not just me since it seems like something everyone must have noticed. I have had 2/2 visitors that directly complained about this.

    Look at the images below and it will show what I mean, and I just need to lock the colums in their positions so they only get smaller / bigger when people zoom in/out and now move around to fit instead.

    Best regards Robin


    I’ll report it to Kriesi.


    Thanks, keep me posted? :)


    Yes – I reported it to Kriesi yesterday. Some updates will be released on Monday – I’m not sure though if one of them will solve your issue.


    Hey! I am currently looking into the issue. would you mind telling me which browsers show that behavior?

    I am still testing but on my demo site it worked fine on all browser tested so far…


    Hmm weird, might it be only in my site? I have done some small changes in the theme, there is no line of code on the top of your head that might just lock the colums where they are?

    like the !absolute , I have a ruff memory of using something like that in an past theme to get colums to get fixed.

    When I think about it , it’s properly my changes that have made the colums to he loose somehow, but I would be very glad for help to get them fixed!

    About browsers, it’s in most browsers, you can check the site at

    Thanks in advance, robin


    Hm not sure what causes this seems to be an error in the floating behaviours once you zoom out.

    Please try the following:

    in style.css search for .dynamic_column_boxed.grid4 and change it to :

    .dynamic_column_boxed.grid4 {
    width: 287px;

    Not a perfect fix for now but until I got a better solution it should work :)


    Hey thanks, it did help a bit on the front page, now you do need to zoom out further before it goes nuts so my users should nut have an problem if they won’t zoom out like crazy. (I use firefox mostly)

    Do you have an similar fix for the Portfolio code?

    Best regards / Robin



    you can use:

    .post-entry.grid4 {
    width: 287px;


    Right now I am using the 3 colums portfolio instead of the 4 colums , don’t know if that change the matter of the code you posted, but anyways, where should I put it? In the portfolio code or the style?


    Yes, please but the code in css/custom.css. Grid4 means that the column has a width of 4 grids in a 12 grid structure (so it takes up one third :) ).


    Yes that did it, and I don’t think anyone will zoom out so they won’t see the actuall text :) thanks!


    Glad that I could help you :)

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