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    I know this is the newbie of newbie questions, but how do i load it so that I start with what was in the demo?


    I just basically want to see how it is all setup in the demo so I can get an idea how to customize to my own needs, i am very new to wordpress.


    Hi justified. It seems teh support is very slow here at the moment, Im also new to most of this but I can help you out here.

    Login to your Now once your in your control panel on the far left side your see at the bottom CLEAN CUT OPTION. CLick that, you then want “CleanCut” General Options in there look towards the bottom your see

    “Dummy Data Import

    If you check the checkbox below and save this page the theme will import dummy data to make it look similar to my Live Preview

    This option works best when executed on a new wordpress installation and will help you to understand how to fill posts, pages and set the different theme options.

    Import Dummy Data on save Import data? “

    Theres a small tick box in there click it and it will import all your dummy data, it had me stumped to for a little while :D.

    Hope that helps

    regards fred


    @fred justified uses Levitation not CleanCut

    Sorry Levitation doesn’t support dummy content. Avisio and Cleancut have an Import Dummy Data function as fred pointed out above which allows you to import a dummy.xml file.

    The Dude


    Thank you both for the quick response. Commence reading the bible that is Codex :(

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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