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    On the “Order Received” page as well as in the respective email to the customer (customer-processing-order.php) it bothers me that the name of the shipping method is added after the amount of shipping cost (” via [Shipping method]”):


    SHIPPING: $9.99 via International Delivery

    I searched all email and checkout templates but am unable to find the code to remove.

    I have only got so far:

    in file “woocommercetemplatesemailscustomer-processing-order.php” – when I remove in line 39 the code “<?php echo $total;”, then the values for subtotal, shipping and total disappear (together with the shipping method name).

    Does anybody have a clue as to how/where I can hide/remove the name of the shipping method?





    in file woocommerceclassesclass-wc-order.php

    uncomment line 780:

    /* $shipping .= sprintf( __(‘ <small>%svia %s</small>’, ‘woocommerce’), $tax_text, $this->get_shipping_method() ); */


    as there is also text I assume that it could not be achieved in custom.css – correct?



    display: none !important;



    Hi Bruno,

    I don’t think it would be doable with css as it gets spit out into the email. Your method is the most direct and as long as you keep your own change log for files changed will work.

    The only issue you’ll have is if that gets changed in woo commerce 2.0 which is right around the corner. I have yet to dig into it too much but I know they are adding ways to customize the emails that get sent out so that code may be gone or changed (or even not needed).



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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