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    I have a question you expect prompt help! I want to show big preview pic for posts on the homepage (gallery) , but it will not show up in Single Post (featured image) . How can I do that? thanks …



    I’m not sure I understand your issue.

    Could you elaborate?



    Hi James!

    yes, I do not want this image is shown in Single Post I do not know how?



    delete following code from single.php – this should remove the featured image:

    $prev_image_link = get_post_meta($post->ID, "_prev_image_link", true);

    if($prev_image_link == 'none' || $prev_image_link == 'lightbox')
    $prev_image_link = array($prev_image_link);
    $prev_image_link = '_external';

    if(!$gallerypage) $prev_image_link = array('lightbox');

    //get preview image
    $big_prev_image = kriesi_post_thumb($post->ID, array('size'=> array('L'),
    'wh' => $k_option['custom']['imgSize']['L'],
    'display_link' => $prev_image_link,
    'linkurl' => array ('XL','_preview_big')

    echo $big_prev_image;


    That great! Thanks Dude!!!


    Glad that I could help you :)


    Can you remove the featured image from pages, but not from posts? Or from some pages or posts via ID?


    I’m using newscast, btw; not sure the instructions above work for that. Would like to know how to remove the thumbnail image on certain posts or pages, or on all if that’s not possible, in newscast. Thanks!


    I’m answering this question on my own. In newscast, to remove the preview image from a page, delete the following from page.php:

    $preview_image = kriesi_post_thumb($post->ID, array(‘size’=> array(‘M’),

    ‘display_link’ => ‘_prev_image_link’,

    ‘linkurl’ => array (‘fullsize’,’_preview_big’),

    ‘wh’ => $k_option


    To delete the preview image from all posts, delete the following from single.php:

    $preview_image = kriesi_post_thumb($post->ID, array(‘size’=> array(‘M’),

    ‘display_link’ => array(‘lightbox’), // ‘_prev_image_link’ or array(‘lightbox’)

    ‘linkurl’ => array (‘fullscreen’,’_preview_big’),

    ‘wh’ => $k_option


    To do this from particular posts or pages is beyond my abilities, perhaps someone will answer that someday.



    Glad you got this resolved on your own, let us know if you have any other questions. :)



    It took me an hour to track down this answer, find the code and get this done. So many themes have this built in to the features. Wish Newscast had this and lots of other features (like easy to change background images, etc).

    Thanks for the answer though!


    Hi tcatsull,

    Glad that this thread helped you. :)



Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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