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    Hi there, Hi have installed Angular on

    I would like to do 3 customization:

    1. remove the comment/ categories/author from the top part of my posts. I would also like to remove the pen icon on the left

    2. Remove the comment/pingback section at the bottom of the posts

    3. I would like to be able to remove the RSS icon from the header.

    Tried to look in the threads but could’t find a solution that worhed here. I have digged into the various .psp an css but with no luck…I need some direction please



    1) Open up wp-contentthemesangularincludesformat-standard.php and delete following code:

    <div class='blog-inner-meta extralight-border'>

    <span class='post-meta-infos'>

    if(comments_open() || get_comments_number())
    echo "<span class='comment-container minor-meta'>";
    comments_popup_link(" <span>0 ".__('Comments','avia_framework')."</span>",
    " <span>1 ".__('Comment' ,'avia_framework')."</span>",
    " <span>% ".__('Comments','avia_framework')."</span>",'comments-link',
    __('Comments Off' ,'avia_framework'));
    echo "</span><span class='text-sep'>/</span>";


    $cats = get_the_category();

    echo '<span class="blog-categories minor-meta">'.__('in ','avia_framework');
    the_category(', ');
    echo ' </span><span class="text-sep">/</span> ';

    $portfolio_cats = get_the_term_list( get_the_ID(), 'portfolio_entries', '', ', ','');

    if($portfolio_cats && !is_object($portfolio_cats))
    echo '<span class="blog-categories minor-meta">'.__('in ','avia_framework');
    echo $portfolio_cats;
    echo ' </span><span class="text-sep">/</span> ';

    echo '<span class="blog-author minor-meta">'.__('by ','avia_framework');
    echo '</span>';




    2) Open up single.php and delete

    //wordpress function that loads the comments template "comments.php"
    comments_template( '/includes/comments.php');

    3) Open up header.php and delete

    echo '	<li class="rss"><a href="'.avia_get_option('feedburner',get_bloginfo('rss2_url')).'">RSS</a></li>';


    Thanks Dude! It worked out-

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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