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    Like in the demo i’m searching to have de slider in the full width of the page (above the both column). But actually i’ve only managed to have it in the left column. I’ve tried to use wide Featured Image (850pix) but the slider stay in the left side and picture are cropped or scaled inside.

    In the documentation at B3 chapter there is this title:

    Featured Image display:

    How do you want to display the First Slideshow on your Blog and single pages? Should the slider be fullwidth and be located above the content and sidebar or should it be part of the content and the sidebar beside?

    But there is no more information about the way to obtain this behavior.

    I’ve searche on the forum without succes. Maybe i’ve missed something very basic but i don’t see what !


    Navigate through habitat options, and into slideshow options. Change the very first option to first entry with full width. It’ll be just like the dummy site.


    a very big thank you for the help it’s ok now :)


    That’s fine, happy to help. I’ve asked waaay too many questions on these forums while I’ve been setting up my own site, so now I thought I’d help if I saw a topic I knew.


    Thanks identityconsulting for helping us out :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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