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    I’d like to get rid of the gradient on the top of the theme as it does not fit with my logo.

    How could I do that ?

    I would also like to add a pan banner add on the header. is that possible ?

    Finally, is newscast compatible with buddypress as I would need to get a forum ?

    thanks for your answers.



    1.) You need to edit the actual background image located on images > type of skin you’re using then look for the bg.png file.

    2.) What do you mean by pan banner? Can you give us a screenshot?

    3.) You need to modify the theme to make if compatible with third party plugins like buddypress.

    We suggest that you get the latest Avia Themes like Enfold. It is compatible with the latest WordPress update and gives you much more features compare to the older themes.




    Thanks for your answer.

    1- where do I find the background image exactly ?

    2- the banner I mean is the traditional 728 x 90 px banner you can put on the header.

    3- Would that be the same with a simple forum based on bb press instead of the entire buddypress plugin ?

    Do you mean that Newscast is a bit outdated now and that I would need to switch to an other theme ? I am running magazine types of blogs.


    Hi euzebius,

    The background image will be in your theme files inside the images folder and then under whatever skin style you are using.

    For #2, you would need to add in the banner html directly to the header.php of the theme files. The html/css will be custom depending on how you want it to be positioned/appear.

    bbPress should work without much hassle. BuddyPress uses bbPress for its forums so the forums would be the same (it actually requires the plugin for forums as it no longer bundles its own).

    But official support for either with Newscast is not provided as the theme wasn’t coded with any specific support for either of them.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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