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    Hello. I am starting to play around with Habitat and found that when i posted something to my blog, the first line on the page is in about 24pt type “Archive for Blog”. i would very much like to get rid of that. Please advise.

    Thanks very much.


    You can remove that line by going to Appearance>Editor and opening archive.php (it’s on the right side of the large text area). About 20 lines down you’ll see a line of code like this:

    if($output != "") $output = '<h2 class="superheading">'.$output.'</h2>';

    Just play 2 <i>//</i> in front of it like this:

    //if($output != "") $output = '<h2 class="superheading">'.$output.'</h2>';

    and it should remove that heading.


    Noah, thanks for your response. The support on this site is great. I copied and pasted that line of code but now the archive line is much smaller and further up on the page.

    excuse the state of my site, it’s a mess.


    Opps my mistake, I didn’t have you remove the printing of the statement. In the same file scroll down a bit and find this line:

    echo $output;

    Change it to:

    //echo $output;


    works perfectly–thanks!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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