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    Hi there,

    could anyone tell me how to edit the contact form? I assigned the form to a certain page in which i already inserted text.

    Unfortunately when i edit this page the form isn’t in it. Where is the data of the contact form stored? I need to translate it to german and also get rid of the line “website”, since most of my clients customers don’t even have their own website…

    Any hint would be much appreciated ;-)





    you should be able to edit this in coalition>includes>contact-form.php, you can also simply remove or comment out the website line so it won’t show up.


    I would like to have the contact form in a column (I’m using the columns shortcode on the contact page). How can I go about this? I don’t want to use a contact form plugin but should maintain that which comes with the theme. Thanks!

    (Sorry I’m using Avisio – just noticed I posted under a different theme)



    the inbuild contact form is a hardcoded template in all themes. You can’t use it in columns or call it by using a shortcode. A list of recommended contact form plugins can be found here: (formidable’s default style is grea btw).



    I also want to edit some words on the contact form.

    But how to I reach:


    kind regards



    Actually i realise now that Coalition is another theme.

    I am using Flashlight

    so where do find this php

    thanks so much


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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