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    Right now I’m using the contact template as the Submit Wallpaper page for my website

    I want to make a contact page with similar fields but different texts when people click on the email icon at top right, since right now both the email icon and the Submit Wallpaper page use the same template! How can I do that?



    You can duplicate the file and rename one to something else like template_submit.php. Does that make sense? Then you can use one template for contact and the other for submitting wallpapers.




    Sure, but when I create a new page in WordPress, can I access this new template on the right side bar that says Page Attributions?

    p.s. anyway to change my password to this forum?


    Yes, if you use the same file naming pattern as the original file. There are also some comments at the top of the file that you should modify so WP presents the name properly.



    Template Name: Submit Form


    You can change your password here:


    WordPress actually process the comments? Cool.

    It’s fixed, thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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