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    I have FINALLY figured out how to create AND show some galleries – and password protect when necessary… BUT the page is not showing the 12 posts I have set in the theme page? Only 6 item pictures and 2 titles….?


    AND for some reason I CANNOT get my PRODUCTS to display anywhere except when I put a product category widget in sidebar!? (Image)

    I have NO “All products” page that I find several references to in your forum (I HAVE tried to reinstall WooCommerce – but no change)…. and even if I have set the “Shop” page to Shop Base Page in WooCommerce – there is nothing showing when Shop is clicked in menu…?

    I would like to have WooCommerce galleries (some that I can password protect for clients) with products (prints etc.) – for clients to order from. But I cannot seem to figure out how?


    I cant find the “tag” option on portfolio-items?


    I made a test order – but did NOT receive any emails – not to customer – not to shop admin? I hope it´s because the shop is in demo mode?..

    I did not receive any email when testing “Contact” form….?

    Hope you can help:o) Love the theme! I just need a little better guide on how to make the galleries AND the commerce part work…..


    Hi Gezowina,

    The best thing to do would probably be set up a test site and then use the “import dummy data” button in the main theme options. It sounds like you might not have things set up correctly but I can’t say for sure exactly where.

    If you have not already, also check out the documentation as it should help give you an idea on how everything fits together (products, portfolio items etc).

    I can’t address your questions directly as it looks like you’ve changed to a different theme but try getting everything set up without any additional plugins (outside of woocommerce) just in case there are any conflicts with an outside plugin and the theme.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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